We’ve all fallen for a beautifully packaged product, and blindly believed in the“miraculous” effects that it claims to render overnight. But the fact is that the quality of the ingredients inside the bottle is what really matters in enhancing the health of your skin.



The unfortunate truth is that the conventional beauty industry is not advocating for our health first and it’s time we learn to advocate for ourselves. We're here to share with you why organic should be the gold standard when shopping all things skin and beauty and educate you on new and existing ingredients that will be your soon-to-be-best friends and your enemies, based on your skin condition. 



1. Safer for your Skin and health



The truth is, the “big" brands that you may be familiar with are concocted with a mix of toxic ingredients and unknown synthetics. While this may be convenient for the brands as they ensure a longer shelf life enables manufacturing in bulk, this is bad news for your skin. 


These synthetic ingredients are often fast acting and invasive, yes, but for the most part, they are the prime cause of various illnesses, some as negligible as a minor skin irritation to more serious sicknesses such as chronic headaches, cancers, breathing disabilities, hormone disruption, etc, etc, etc. 


Organics, on the other hand, are methodically blended with top quality plant-based ingredients maximizes actives and therefore maximizes the results!



2. Greener and cleaner environment


As responsible consumers and advocates for health and a green planet, choosing organic products should be a conscious decision you make each and every time.


From planting to harvesting to applying, choosing organic ingredients makes a positive impact on your community and planet whereas using conventional products expels toxic, unnatural debris into your environment. 


Also, make a pledge to treat animals as friends and family, and never, ever have our animal friends undergo cruel tests for the sake of beauty. 



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