A letter from the founder

For years, my life was lacking in confidence. As I struggled with serious acne and flaky skin, I remember looking in the mirror every morning and trying to hide it by layering thick makeups. I visited many dermatologists to find a way to cure my skin. I took medicine and got several treatments. However, things didn't get better. I couldn't find the reason and my skin got worse and worse. 

In 2016, I struggled with serious acne and flaky skin.

In 2018

While working in a cosmetic company for 4 years with a passion for cosmetics, I learned that toxic chemicals are used to ensure a long shelf life in retail and that animal ingredients are required to add more preservatives.

I realized that my skin trouble was from an allergy to animal-derived oils and artificial preservatives in the products I was using! I looked into the ingredient index and searched for products made with plant-based ingredients. 


By using plant-based products, my skin started to become clean. 

I want to share my recovery story with people who suffer from skin trouble. To find the best way, I decided to create new solutions to make your skin clean. I chose the best possible path for this goal - veganism. 

Melixir Vegan Skincare was born in 2018. Upholding clean beauty, we are mindfully formulating products without toxic ingredients, thus bringing customers back to their purest form of beauty.


Moreover, we care about the environmental impact from production to post-consumer by aligning my personal belief of being a vegetarian. Because we use plant-based ingredients and sustainable materials for packaging, making Melixir products produces less CO2 than other brands.

I hope Melixir brings confidence in your everyday life.

You deserve to be happy! :-)   

Hana Lee, Founder of Melixir

Made in Korea ● Designed in San Francisco

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